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I’m a first-time mother of Nicolai, born 3/21/2010. From 2007-2008, I was an exchange student in Portugal, where I became mostly fluent in the beautiful language of Portuguese. I intend to pass this on to my child, because of all of the benefits of bilingualism, in academic and business realms, as well as in personal realms– fluency in a language other than English allows a greater appreciation of the world outside the U.S. And that mystical space beyond our borders makes up most of the world– I want Nico to be aware of that, and to be equipped with one language already learned, and an ability to learn other languages, so that the rest of the world is seen as an option, not an exotic impossibility.

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  1. babynamelover permalink
    September 30, 2009 1:22 am

    Hi I am Anna 🙂 I live In NZ, I am soon to be a trained early childhood teacher, I have a job waiting for me teaching and caring for children 0-2years. I think learning a second language or even multiple languages is an amazing gift to give your child, they will be very lucky 🙂
    Are you going to give your child a Portugese name?

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